Takiwātanga S01 E10: Kick-off My take on the Autism Parenting Summit Presentations

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S01 E10: Kick-off I am summarizing the autism parenting summit presentations

UNEDITED Transcript

This is Lloyd I AM and you are listening to Takiwatanga, love not cure, exploring autism one strength at a time.

So today’s episode we’re just going to talk about what I am up to in this coming days and coming weeks. At the moment, we don’t have any interesting topic. I did mention last time that we have an interesting topic, but my son got infected with Covet and just didn’t get some time to really prepare for the next episode. And I don’t have any buffer episodes, which means I’m recording this as I publish. I’m just sneaking in because my wife is also not feeling well because after my son got killed, my wife a few days after my wife also got infected. So I am a little bit busy, so to speak. And I just got a chance right now because it’s about 11:13 p.m.. I just don’t want to have my procrastination kicks in based on experience. My own experience is that I was actually starting to say to myself that why am I going to do this episode where I have this pressure within the family that I need to look after my family and I need to rest. But I still decided to do this podcast because this will take away some of my worries and make sure that my ego and my procrastination don’t overcome with my intention to make content enough of that procrastination stuff.

[00:02:52.470] – Speaker 1

So what I’m up to right now is currently I’m looking at this website which is Autism Parenting Summit and I just remember that I did join or participate in the last couple of summits.


I have the content or the information. I just didn’t get a chance to be honest to learn so much from those past episodes or past presentations from these experts. So I just got reminded about the Autism Summit because of this April 2022 summit. So we have about three summits. Last time I was actually asking myself what interesting topics should I discuss for this podcast? That’s why I came up with an idea that I should be discussing the trainings that I am participating or attending. Hence we have published Exploring Autism and Sensory Processing in the past episodes and I keep on asking myself what else and what other topics that I should be discussing. And then suddenly I just remembered about this topic or about this Autism Parenting Summit. And then Interestingly, it’s autism awareness month and Autism Parenting Summit for 2022. This April has happened, so it just gave me another batch of interesting topics again. So I keep on asking myself what topics?


And then here we go. We’ve got about April of 2021 content.


Which has about 16 presentations. One of the Imperative Summit, we have about 24 presentations. And for this year, April 2022, there’s about 30%. That gives us all in all for about 60%. Now, what I’m up to is I have tons of topics to discuss.


Like the saying goes.


Be careful on what you wish for. You just might get it.


So here we are.


We got 60 topics, which is kind of amazing as well because this will eventually give me the opportunity to discuss the summary versions of these presentations. So there’s no intention of Copyright imprintment per se. Again, I’m not an expert. I just want to share the information that I am going to learn. So I will be sharing or discussing each presentation doing a summary about these presentations. And I am looking at discussing three key takeaways per presentation. And then I will be also crediting the person who presented and also crediting office and printing Summit, because without them, obviously we don’t have any topics and there’s no event that is similar to this. By the way, you don’t have to go to that summit personally, because this is an online event. I’m looking at the website right now and it’s an online event and the recordings are online as well. Some of the interesting topics are behavioral solutions, speech and communication, social skills, sensory solutions, transitioning to adulthood, peak eating, executive function and motor skills education, dealing with transitions, mental health and anxiety, selfcare for parents, and so much more. I’m looking at the expert speakers here, and the first one is Temple Granddad.


So she’s here. I remember she’s one of the speakers in the April 2021. She’s also one of the speakers for the April 2022, which is kind of amazing. We have Professor Tony Atwood from Australia. All right, so I’m not going to name all the speakers and presenters here. I’m just going to post the website and feel free to just go here and look around the site and see if it’s for you as well. I’m not being sponsored by this Autism Padding Summit. I just thought that it might be a good idea to share what I can learn out of the presentation. I’ll just give a summary and that’s it. What else?


I guess that’s it for now.


And I am going to meet or see you on the next episode.


Every tangata whaiTakiwātanga or person with autism is different. If you fail with one strategy, don’t stop, keep moving forward. Always remember that for every failure encounter is one step closer to your success.

Thanks for tuning in, until next time…

Me mutu te Whakawa Haere, Let’s stop judging others

Me Mahi Tahi Tatou, Let’s all work together,

Kia Maia – Kia Kaha, Be brave and Be strong

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